SLA Policy


Uptime is a unit that represents the percentage of time a service is online. We calculate uptime using the following formula:
"Uptime" = ((total amount of minutes in a month - minutes unavailable) / total amount of minutes in a month) * 100

Uptime guarantee

SkylonHost will make a reasonable effort to provide the best possible network uptime. In the event the monthly uptime of any of our services drops below 99.9% (as measured by our status tool, we will compensate affected customers according to the following table:

99% - 99.9%5%
98% - 99%15%

*Compensation is a percentage of the monthly cost of the service we will refund to the customer in form of service credits.

Exclusions to the agreement

The following events will be excluded from any time-based calculations of uptime:

  • Scheduled maintenance windows
  • Suspension of service
  • Network attacks (especially DDoS)
  • Downtime caused by the customer

Enforcement of this SLA policy

The customer has to open a support ticket within 7 days since the downtime event requesting compensation. The ticket has to include relevant information documenting the time within which the service wasn't responsive.