Network information


SkylonHost runs its own network under AS202297. Our premium network blend includes transit from Telia, GTT, Core Backbone, Cogent, Liberty Global, as well as and NIX.CZ internet exchanges.

Looking glass

Speedtest is available at
Looking glass is available at

BGP Communities

We passthrough communities to our upstreams.

Origin communities

202297:10:4000Customer originated route
202297:10:8000Route from NIX.CZ
202297:10:9000Route from direct peers

Action communities

202297:50:666Blackhole / RTBH (for /32, /128 only)
202297:50:1000Apply optimized routing policy
202297:100:6939NO-EXPORT to Hurricane Electric/AS6939
202297:100:16276NO-EXPORT to OVH/AS16276
202297:100:39392NO-EXPORT to SuperHosting/AS39392
202297:100:47200NO-EXPORT to NIX.CZ/AS47200