Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you support?

We currently support PayPal, payment cards, Revolut and SEPA.

Where are your servers located?

We currently only have servers in Prague, Czech Republic, in the TTC Teleport DC1 datacenter. We own all our hardware.

Is SkylonHost GDPR compliant?

SkylonHost is fully GDPR compliant. Open a ticket to receive a Data Protection Agreement.

What are the hardware specifications of your nodes?

We use high quality hardware from Supermicro, HPE, Intel, AsrockRack, Micron and Samsung.

Supported operating systems?

We currently support the following operating systems on our VPS platform:
• CentOS 7
• CentOS 8
• Oracle Linux 8
• Ubuntu 18.04
• Ubuntu 20.04
• Debian 9
• Debian 10

How long till I get my server?

Once your payment goes through, we will work towards provisioning of your server, which usually takes within 5 minutes.

Is it possible to mount a custom ISO?

Yes, open a ticket.

Which ports do you block?

We block the following:
• 25/tcp outgoing (SMTP - unblockable on request)
• 17/udp both ways
• 19/udp both ways
• 1900/udp both ways